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13.02.2019 - Posted in Memorizing

When we immerse ourselves in it, we quickly realize that memorizing birdsong is not so easy! The neophyte will have a hard time differentiating a Warbler from an Skylark or a Chickadee. However, some simple tips and techniques allow you to progress quickly.

The use of sonograms

Ornithologists sometimes use sonograms (or spectrograms) to help with memorization. It is a two-dimensional visualization of the sound, sometimes colored: the axis of the abscissa indicates the duration and the axis of ordinates the frequency of the sound. We can thus easily differentiate a high-pitched sound at a higher volume of a longer and less loud sound.
The 3 sonograms below illustrate how the visual representation of sounds can be very different from a song to the other, and thus help with memorization.

The song of the greenfinch
The song of the greenfinch
The song of the blue tit
The song of the blue tit
The song of the Green woodpecker
The song of the Green woodpecker

This small tool, present in the bird information sheet in the Birdie Memory application, will be a great help in the early stages of learning, especially for people with a rather visual memory that auditory.

All you have to do is train with the app!

You can also create your own sonograms from any sound, with our sonogram generator!

Sonogram generator

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