The advice of ornithologist Maxime Zucca to memorize birdsongs.

13.02.2019 - Posted in Memorizing

When we immerse ourselves in it, we quickly realize that memorizing birdsong is not so easy! The neophyte will have a hard time differentiating a Warbler from an Skylark or a Chickadee. However, some simple tips and techniques allow you to progress quickly.

Les conseils de Maxime Zucca

Maxime Zucca, ornithologist and responsible for the scientific content of Birdie Memory, talks about his experience and gives us tips to listen to birds and practice memorization.

Learning goes through repetition ...

... but does not have to be boring! The Birdie Memory application has been designed to allow beginners to progress quickly and almost "without noticing it"! Children can play from 6 years old.

In the observation section, the player strolls along the poster to listen as much as he or she wants to the birdsongs.

In the Memory part, he or she is asked to identify the owner of a song, in the manner of a musical blind test.
Nine levels of progressive difficulty allow to see all the birds of the poster. All 3 levels, a "chorus" (3 birds singing at the same time) validates the achievements of the previous levels and sharpen a little more the ear of the player.

Where and when listen to birds?

Of course, the ultimate goal is to succeed in listening and recognizing birds in the wild.
Even for city dwellers, there is no need to go far: birds are present in trees, hedges and gardens, even if they are more numerous in the countryside or in the forest.
Certain periods of the year are more favorable to listen to the birds: indeed, they sing especially during the periods of reproduction, mostly from February to June in the northern hemisphere.
Moreover, it is better to get up early: it is at dawn, just before sunrise, that we hear them best!

All you have to do is train with the app!

Try Birdie Memory

The Birdie Memory application uses augmented reality: you must have the illustrated birds to use it. But don't panic, we send you one bird for free, so you can try before buying!

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