Learn to recognize birdsongs with Birdie Memory

What is it?

Birdie Memory is a simple and fun way to start ornithology, from 4 years old

Paper that comes alive!

Paper that comes alive!

Birdie Memory is an innovative application to see printed birds come to life and listen to their song

An educational game

An educational game

A fun course allows you to memorize the main birdsongs in just a few minutes

An awareness tool

An awareness tool

Parents and kids will now listen more carefully when walking in nature or in town

The Birdie Memory Birds

Birdie Memory birds are available in France in various formats (poster, book, postcards ...). If you live outside France, at the moment only the poster is available. We are working on it!

The Birdie Memory Birds

They love Birdie Memory

Birdie Memory is recommended by many media and blogs. But above all, our users send us love words, and that is priceless! ❤️

  • “Very fun and informative to familiarize yourself with bird song!”

    Laetitia C

    Google Play

  • “Very easy to get started with, the application works well. We are amazed to be able to practice memorizing the birdsongs. ”

    Barbara Deshayes

    Google Play

  • “It’s simply superb, congratulations for this great pedagogy”


    Google Play

  • “We love it at home! A great and fun way to get to know the birds, both for adults and children. I was able to solve a mystery we had in the garden for several months ... ”

    Victoire Seingier


  • “Excellent educational tool to discover birds in an interactive way. Well done"



  • “I used it in college during an integration day. Awesome !"

    Frédéric Le Michel

    Play Store

Try Birdie Memory

The Birdie Memory application uses augmented reality: you must have the illustrated birds to use it. But don't panic, we send you one bird for free, so you can try before buying!

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