A fun application to learn birdsongs

Birdie Memory uses image recognition: just aim to the birds to see them come alive and sing!

Two modes

Discover with Observation mode

Discover with Observation mode

To listen to the songs of the 20 birds as many times as possible, and discover precise and accessible information for each of them.

Practice with the Memory Mode

Practice with the Memory Mode

A fun sound quiz with 12 levels of difficulty to gradually learn to identify the song of 20 birds. Some clues will help you!

A game, yes ... but for learning purpose!

Scientific contents

The 20 birds and their songs have been selected by the ornithologist Maxime Zucca for their diversity and their presence throughout Europe.

The birdsongs come from recordings of the British Library of London and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

An raising-awareness tool recommended by the LPO

The LPO (French branch of Birdlife International) is a partner of Birdie Memory. The poster is regularly used during awareness activities with kids.

The application in details


birds and their songs + their information sheets


game modes, to observe and practice


progressive difficulty levels

Free app, no in-app purchases

Once installed, the application does not require any internet access.

From 4 years old with an adult and from 7 years old alone.

Birdie Memory

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Compatible with phones and tablets equipped with camera.
System required: iOS 12+ / Android 7+
Available in French, English, Spanish

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The Birdie Memory application uses augmented reality: you must have the illustrated birds to use it. But don't panic, we send you one bird for free, so you can try before buying!

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